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Long-tailed Weasel!

We had hoped for many years to see a long-tailed weasel on a trail, or at least its tracks. Michael had a brief interaction with a weasel on the Arroyo Verde trail in Ventura while I was at work a few years back, but I had not yet seen one. We always expect to see more wildlife out on the trail and in wilderness areas, but, in this case, my first weasel sighting was at Rancho Jurupa Park in a small corridor of open space along the Santa Ana River in the City of Riverside, California. We first saw her (or him) pop out of her hole while driving through the campground on our way to run some errands. The next time we camped at Rancho Jurupa Park, our campsite was in the weasel’s home territory, and we had the pleasure of watching her run back and forth in the grass and pop her head up to look around. One day, she even jumped down an unbelievably tiny hole after some prey right next to our trailer!

Michael had fun trying out his new camera on this weasel in action. Here are some of those shots. Enjoy!

Long-tailed weasel popping its head up out of its hole

Long-tailed weasel pausing to turn and look at the camera

Long-tailed weasel sitting up straight

2 thoughts on “Long-tailed Weasel!

  1. Pat Brandl

    So happy you two have this rare opportunity The photo’s are beautiful!! Looking forward to the next segment!! Aunt Pat

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