Brake for Nature

About The Blog

Brake for Nature is about putting on the brakes for nature, to stop and observe nature, to be connected with nature, and to get back to a more natural state. is a place for us (see more about us here) to share the stories of our “break for nature.” It is true that we are taking time off from work – a career break – to travel around the United States in an RV, and this is our travel blog. However, there is more to Brake for Nature than just a traveling break.

Our Travels

This break is about exploring the natural lands in our Country – the national parks, state parks, national wildlife refuges, and other conservation lands – that are so important not only to preserving our natural heritage but also to ensuring the availability of vital resources and the health of our people into the future. Under Our Travels, we will post stories of our explorations of these lands.

Wildlife encounters

As biologists, birders, and wildlife trackers, we have a keen interest in wildlife. We have been looking forward to spending significant amounts of time immersed in nature and increasing our odds of viewing wildlife and witnessing wildlife behaviors. We used to hike on weekends, and take vacations to national parks, but parking our home on public lands surrounded by wilderness for extended periods of time will give us the opportunity to actually see the wildlife around us. Under Wildlife Encounters, we will post stories of wildlife species we see for the first time, interesting wildlife behaviors, and goodies from our nighttime trail camera that we will set up near our trailer.

health & wellness

This break is also about getting back to nature in another way – getting back to a naturally healthy state. I have struggled with various chronic health problems over the last several years. You can read more about my story here. After spending years attempting to find remedies through conventional western medicine, I began to find again and again that retraining my body to return to a natural state was a better solution. What does this mean? Well, although I am still learning, I have found that moving my body in the ways it was built to move, eating the foods my body is evolved to eat, and managing the chronic stressors of modern-day life are all extremely helpful to healing. Under Health & Wellness, I will share the stories of my battles trying to heal my body and return it to its natural, healthy state. I especially want to share those things I find that actually work, but I will also share my experiences trying various remedies. Because I have been helped significantly by the stories others have shared online with the world, I want to do the same and share my stories.

rv life

Living out of an RV is a big part of this whole experience as well. It is a completely new lifestyle for us, and we have learned a lot and continue to learn, the hard way sometimes. Under RV Life, we will share stories of the RV lifestyle, problems we encounter, and lessons we learn.


Finally, we may add other sections in the future to share our musings on nature and nature awareness, and maybe even human nature! Brake for Nature is a whole mix of stories from a couple who brakes for nature! We hope you will enjoy our stories.